What to do if you are self-isolating

Up to date advice on staying well at home can be found here


If you are struggling to get hold of medication or supplies we are operating a home delivery service


People self-isolating do not require sick notes. A sick note is required for periods of illness longer than 7 days. If you are self-isolating because a family member is ill and you are well, this does not come under the remit of a sick note and should be discussed with your employer. Sick notes are not necessary for school age children.


If you feel more unwell whilst in isolation, please call us for assistance.

How you can help us

Please consider using existing sources of advice such as NHS111 online or the NHS coronavirus website for frequently asked questions - this helps free up our clinicians and telephone lines at the practice.


Order your repeat medication at the usual time using the online service rather than telephoning. Again this keeps the lines free and also avoids stockpiling which causes difficulties in the medicine supply chain as we have seen with the supermarkets.


Keep an eye on vulnerable and elderly friends, neighbours and relatives to provide support or help collecting supplies and prescriptions.

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