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We are a member of the  NHS Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Network and participate in a number of research programmes. We believe research is important for developing new treatments, challenging the effectiveness of existing treatments and providing the opportunity for our patients to help others.


We will always ask for your consent for participation in any clinical research. There are strict governance and ethical supervision regulations overarching the research projects and the practice has undergone specific training to run research projects from the NHS National Institute for Health Research.


The projects we have run include:


All Heart (does allopurinol reduce the risk of heart attacks in at risk patients)

PANDA (does sertraline help people with mild depression)

TIME (when is the best time of day to take blood pressure medication)

VACCept (attitude survey for vaccination of older women against HPV)

Brain Cool Migraine Trial
We are currently asking migraine sufferers if they would like to participate in a trial of a new piece of equipment to help treat migraines. Please see the attachment for further information.
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