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We provide non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers and wrinkle reducing injections, administered by qualified medical professionals

Research has shown that there is a lot of interest in non-surgical treatments, yet only 9% of interested people go on to have treatment with a facial injectable. People were embarrassed about wanting treatment, they did not want to look significantly younger and had real fears they would no longer ‘look themselves’ after treatment. People’s biggest fear is that treatment would cause a disconnect between what their face shows and how they really feel inside- and make them lose their expressiveness. Media stories have also created confusion and reinforced concerns about treatments.

We understand that considering facial aesthetic treatment can be a big decision and this is why our ethos is to provide natural looking results. By this we mean subtle enhancements without noticeable modification that take into account your natural facial appearance and expressiveness.


The expressiveness of the face involves a complex action between the muscles of expression and the movement of the soft tissues. This is why our treatments are only provided by qualified doctors who have years of training and understanding of the anatomy of the face. We also only use high quality products for our services, such as the latest in dermal fillers and genuine anti-wrinkle injections. We want you to have confidence in our service delivered by professionals who are bound by the strict regulations of the General Medical Council (GMC). Our doctors will provide an in-depth, no obligation consultation and discuss your options and the benefits and risks of any procedure with you. The GMC has further advice for clients on its website 

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