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High Risk Patients

Patients at particularly high risk of complications from COVID-19 infection include people on drugs which suppress the immune system, poorly controlled diabetics, people with COPD who have had more than 2 courses of prednisolone in the last year, people with severe asthma or heart failure, people without a spleen and transplant patients.


The NHS will make direct contact with high risk patients to advise them to undertake shielding procedures for the next 12 weeks. Please do not contact the practice about this as this is a central, national process.


If you need medical help during this time, please call the practice and we can arrange the most appropriate help for you.


Other patients at risk (those over 70 and anyone under 70 who would ordinarily qualify for a flu vaccination) should continue to practice social distancing.


The NHS is contacting patients directly who are at high risk. This has not been an easy task because of the complexity of trawling through medical records both in general practice and at the hospital. People are also welcome to register themselves on the government website - this list is then subject to vetting before official confirmation is sent out.

Current government advice on shielding including FAQs
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